Thursday, August 28, 2014

Her And Her Alone

So I'm up late and I can't seem to sleep like most nights. I'm listening to soft melodies and allowing my mind float along. I start to think of my mother and how I miss her so. I miss her scent and light hands, I especially miss her delicate voice that I hear daily.

My mother, a woman who has dealt with overpowering men who pushed her into corners leaving her breathless and black eyed. My mother, a woman who raised two children while their father was off in another woman's bed. My mother, a woman who worked hard continuously and raised us to see only beauty in the world that surrounds us.

She's miles away from me and I'm only left with memories of laughter and sad moments where my heart was broken from past lovers and she would stroke my hair telling me it'll all be okay, that another will come to pick up the pieces but for now she's here to mend what she can.

My hero. Even though she is at her weakest as her disease distances her from the sun and pushes her towards the darkness, she fights hard and pushes back to make sure to get her glimpse of warmth upon her skin.

My love who stole my heart the moment I entered this world, the one who will always have it.

Love and bunnies,

The Greener Side

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Love and bunnies,

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moment of Love: Angela and Tim

When my cousin asked me to be her photographer, I felt so honored. We all grew up together through the bad and good times and although we don't see much of one another because of the distance, that surely doesn't change a thing. Everything was amazing yesterday and although she didn't walk down that aisle with grace (she tripped), she still looked beyond beautiful. Angie, I want to wish you and Tim the happiest years together as you grow and learn from one another. Be kind and communicate to make sure your love stays strong, be humorous and goofy to make sure your love never goes dull. I love you both and congratulations love!

(My uncle and his 6 daughters, the loves of his life)

Love and bunnies,