Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Color Pallete

I’m a lot lighter than he is as I stand beside him.
Brushing our colored skin against each other,
while we walk and glares start to form.
It’s strange that others don’t see what we see.
How beautiful this love is,
this interracial love that is.
Our interests and views on the world are identical.
He makes me laugh at things others don’t quite understand.
He reassures me of the beauty I hold.
For he is the most handsome man I’ve encountered.
Yet from the views of others,
they only question why and how could
our worlds intertwine with one another.
As if our worlds aren’t allowed to combine.
Does it bother others that much?
To see a black man and an asian woman
connect and flourish?
How different our homes are
and how we’re building them together?
Does it affect their life to see
two colored skin tones create a new standard?
I guess it must,
seeing as they can’t stop looking our way.
But even while their eyes are focused on
our hands holding tight,
on the way our eyes lock,
our vision is not focus upon those around us.
He’s a lot darker than I am,
as he stands beside me.
Brushing our colored skin against each other,
while we walk pass by those stagnant minds.


One of my favorite poems that I have written, inspired after talking about interracial couples in my poetry course, I wanted to write about what it's like when I'm with Boogie. I've never dated outside my race so it's a strange feeling to get used to when it comes to being constantly stared at, judged by some and envied by others. Regardless, I'm so thankful to have him in my life and to use him as inspiration to write.

For me, seeing couples who come from two different cultures come together is amazing. Now that I'm experiencing it first hand, I couldn't agree more. Although I might get the "why is she with him?" look more than a handful of times when we're out, I believe it's the most entertaining thing to experience, especially when it happens while you sit in a drive through at a fast food restaurant. HIGH FIVE*

Love and bunnies,

Monday, August 3, 2015

Humanity Boutique Part I

I'm so excited to say that Bittersweet has collaborated with a local boutique by the name of Humanity and we're doing a series of shoots in their beautiful clothing. Boogie thought it would be a great idea to start it off with photos of myself and Ani (the owner of the boutique) thought that would be amazing as well. I went ahead and picked out this lovely black maxi that has bits of lace running across the bottom half and we took a trip to this popular park where everything is just green and it's surrounded by ponds and lily pads. I can't wait to continue with these shoots because it's a great feeling to support local businesses and of course get some of these ideas I've been wanting to do done.



Love and bunnies,

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pretty Thoughts

Stephanie wanted me to try and make these photos more brighter and elegant, something a little different from my normal edits. Although it's stepping outside of my comfort zone, I definitely had a great time trying something different. Like I said before, it's a good feeling to try new things. So what I ended up doing was, I edited the first three photos with a vignette effect to them and the rest with another preset I've never used before just to show how amazing it is that a simple edit can change a photo completely.

Stephanie Tep (

Love and bunnies,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Deep Dreamer

I stand at a distance
watching her as she sits alone,
staring off into the water as it rolls back and forth.
She holds tight onto her chest,
breathing slowly as if she cannot contain the air.    

Her body stands,
walks towards the edge to see what is beneath her.
From where I am I can only see
the pain she holds while she contemplates.
Thinking slowly of what decisions have brought her here.

Minutes pass as she stands with her feet clenched,
dirt between her toes.
Mascara running down her cheeks
while a light wind brushes against her skin.
Only for her to fall.

Fall deeply into what she has longed for
which is complete darkness.
For she has fallen already,
leaving her lost in a world she no longer knows.

A world she already has forgotten.


I normally don't post my poems or writings but I thought I should start after I was going over some of my archives in my google drive. Not many people know that I love writing because it's more of a passion, something I enjoy doing for myself.

This poem was written as a dream metaphor. I wrote it as if I was in a deep sleep and while I'm dreaming I see myself. I can only stand from a distance and I see myself falling - falling into a deep sleep but also seeing myself dying from the world.

I tried to write it in a sense of seeing yourself outside of ones body, seeing who you are from another point of view and seeing the pain one may encounter that others might not understand or can only see from a far.

It's difficult to express how I felt or how I envisioned my thoughts as I wrote this but I'm definitely trying to work on that. I hope I can add these pieces into my posts to share with y'all and that you enjoy them just as much as I do.

Thank you for always supporting me throughout all of this, I couldn't be more thankful to the ones who love and motivate me <3

Love and bunnies,
Luna (My poet name) haha

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Luna Love

For a long time I've hated my body after I had Kylee. I have stretch marks that fall across the bottom half of my belly and parts of my body just aren't the same anymore. Although it isn't perfect, I've come to love myself more than ever now. I appreciate myself and that's a lot coming from Negative Nancy.

I originally thought about this photoshoot for someone else to wear lace and to frolic through the woods but as I spoke about this idea to Boogie, he thought it would be great for me to be that person while he takes the photos. I hesitated at first because of my insecurities but as he reminded me of how beautiful I am, I thought why not. Why not flaunt my imperfections because truthfully, no one is perfect and as cliché as that sounds, it's the absolute truth. So here's to the many perfect imperfections that we all hold!

A big thank you to my love for taking these photos of me. Truthfully it amazes me how talented you are musically and visually. I appreciate that you want to learn about what I love to do and to be involved with my whole world of photography. I couldn't be more thankful for the support you give me. Can't wait to do more shoots and have my ideas come alive with you.

Boogie Fields (

Love and bunnies,